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Terms of Use


Welcome to Siddharth Opticals!! By using this website or the subsequent order or purchase of goods from this website you govern to follow the terms of use of the company. We have complete right to deny access of anyone who tries to violate the terms and conditions as mentioned below.

Any changes in the “Terms of Use” will be reflected in this page from time to time so that our users get a clear idea of our working conduct. So by continuing the use of services, you abide the terms of use described by the company.

Using the website:

  • Cresting even an anonymous account makes you liable to follow all the terms and conditions of the website.
  • Submission of any order on the website confirms your purchase, via sending email or mobile verification soon after the confirmation.
  • Any order that needs to be placed can be done either by giving a call or by submitting through support@siddharthopticals.com.
  • You are not allowed any third party to discover the source code, use the services or damage the website in any manner.
  • There is a shipment contract to the items purchased, so the risk of loss is passed to the delivery by the carrier.
  • It is your duty to maintain the confidentiality of your account (username and password) and it is solely the responsibility of the user.
  • Price that is paid for the product is same as that mentioned on the site. Although the tax many vary from country to country.
  • Any product sold on the website is meant for the children below 18 years. However it can be bought for children below 18 years by some adult.

Content on the site:

  • All the user information and photos present in the account remains on the website and can be transformed by the user by entering their username and password provided.
  • All the information, images, materials and trademarks present on the website is owned by us and it is liable to the privacy policy as described by the company.
  • The user agrees to the fact that whatever content they provide on the site is the sole responsibility of the company, consistent with the privacy policy.
  • You are not liable to pay any compensation in regard to the content that you post on the website.

Licensing and advertising agreement:

  • Siddharth Opticals is responsible is transmitting the content you post on the site for any of the purposes.
  • Anyone who post a review about the company on the website then we own the right to feature your review across other platforms.
  • The website own liability to advertise on its website, thus making a sense to the user as well.

Policy related to copyright:

  • Siddharth Opticals consider it liable to answer all the copyright related matters and anyone who wish to inquire in regard to the copyright infringement can get in touch with us through any medium (call or through email).
  • The images, trademarks or logos used in the site are that of the various eye brands and therefore will not be used for any commercial purpose.
  • Any commercial use of the eye brands or any other logo present on the website will not be used before a prior consent.

User Agreement:

This agreement constitutes the access of service that the user is liable to. Further, you agree that you keep yourself updated with the changing terms and conditions or privacy policy, thereby accessing the website.

User code of conduct on the website:

  • For anyone who wishes to be a registered member be of age more than 18 years.
  • The user must not have an account that has been previously terminated by the company.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the user who is using the website, making sure that you have under stood the third party rights, content guidelines and other terms and conditions.

Termination of agreement:

  • The company owns the right to terminate the contract of purchase or membership of the user without any prior intimation.
  • Further, the user can also terminate their access to the services of the company anytime, without any notice.
  • On the termination of your access on the website, you agree that: the content on your account will be present in the backup server and cannot be removed immediately and also the content may be present on the website due to the liking or review.

Discount & Offers

Siddharth opticals reserves the right to cancel any order placed using promotional vouchers and hevey discount. Some situations where your order may be cancelled include - without limitation, misuse of any promotional vouchers or code, technical glitch and value thresholds. Voucher amount and discount price will not be refunded for such cases.

Privacy policy: To view and read the complete privacy policy of the company visit the “Privacy Policy” page of the website.