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The privacy policy mentioned on this page governs to the access and use of website for various purposes. By reading this privacy policy, you should clearly understand that you abide to all the terms and conditions of the company. If not, then do not proceed further.

Also, any change in the privacy policy of the company will be indicated in this page only. So please do visit the page from time to time to stay updated.

Collection of information:

  • The company many collect the information of the user in order to provide the relevant information.
  • While you sign up with the website you need to provide the relevant information of your mailing address and phone number so that you can access the site with ease.
  • We even try to increase the user experience by asking them for review or allowing them to post comment on the website. Thus we provide option to the user to sign up for this service or ours.
  • The user can even link their account to the third party services by abiding the terms and conditions.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the company to share your personal information with any third party and other use in good faith.
  • In case of the merger and acquisition of the company, the user information will also be a part of the asset that is being transferred.


  • It is basically a small piece of information that is stored on the web browser and can be recovered later on. The cookies that we store do not contain any of the user’s personal information. Further, the user can configure the browser by accepting the cookies, or can even reject the cookies. Not all the services on the website require accepting the cookies.
  • Also while collecting information from various social media platform it requires the use of cookies so as to use the services in a proper manner.
  • The user can easily delete the cookies manually each time. Although it will not save you from the cookies placed on the site further.

Third party links:

  • The website may contain links of other sites as well. It may be the marketing links enclosed by the third parties and we are not responsible for the private services provided by these websites.
  • We instruct or users to read the privacy policy of these websites before agreeing to their terms and conditions in order to protect themselves from any sort of fraud.

Security of the users on the site:

  • The company follows all the procedures in order to maintain the security and confidentiality of our users.
  • Any information provided by the users on this site adheres to strict confidentiality and unauthorized access, safeguarding the rights of the user.

Legal disclaimer:

Although we maintain security and confidentiality of the information provided by the user, but in some cases we have the legal right to disclose the user information. So in case, the company discloses your information then you will be informed on prior basis, following all the legal formalities.

Contact us:

For any further queries in regard to the privacy policy of Siddharth Opticals, you can contact us at 011 – 45635023 or Email:- support@siddharthopticals.com