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Multifocal lenses

Multifocal lenses for better vision

Multifocal lens is also called as progressive lens in which multiple optical lenses are used in one lens that helps you to see near, intermediate and distance. Your eye specialist may suggest you multifocal lenses if you are using one glass for reading and other for distance vision. With Multifocal lenses you will not have to change your glasses every time for one activity to another.

How much time multifocal glasses take to adjust?

Actually, it takes a week to make your eyes to adjust to multifocal lens, especially when you are shifting from a single lens or have never worn a power eyeglass earlier. It is so, the lens is planned to change the optical power from the top of the lens to the bottom. In the starting this may create problem such as blurry or less clear as you learn to move your eyes up and down. As per doctors – it is a normal thing and it may cause due to blending process that mixes the different powers in the lens. It is also good for your vision to be clear when you see an object as the clearest part of the lens is fixed in the center of the glasses. During your use, you will learn that the object naturally come in the middle of the lens and come into focus quickly and easily.

Not fairly correct? We are here to assist you at any cost

At Siddharth Optical, our motive is to make sure that all customers feel happy with their shopping and attention they receive. So, even after two weeks you feel uncomfortable with a new multifocal lens, please visit our store and see us. A fitting correction might be required and we do normally on the spot. If after another changes, still you feel uncomfortable, we will replace it happily without charging extra multifocal lenses price. We are always ready to help you out and make you feel comfortable with your new glasses.

Multifocal lenses have developed as an excellent answer for people who require different kinds of vision adjustment.
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What are multifocal lenses?

Multifocal lenses are costly but new technology that is intended to reduce your reliance on eyeglasses. When you are not wearing spectacle, an innovative lens applied that help you see substances at all distance after you lose the ability to logically alter the focus of your eyes because of (presbyopia).

How does the multifocal lens perform?

The multifocal lenses are totally different as the smartly designed lenses provide both near and distance focus every time. Your brain will know to mechanically choose the focus.

Types of best multifocal lenses?

Multifocal lenses come in both soft and hard lens materials. The most usual is a collection of concentric spheres of lens powers approved for a variety of viewing distances. There are also merged designs, which make both close and far instructions close to your eye and imitate a natural viewing experience by exacting the specific points of deviation in your eyes.

How much do multifocal lenses cost?

Describing the price of multifocal lenses like describing the cost of a pair of shoes! The costs of shoes depend on the quality of material, how long it will run, who is the manufacturer, how you use them and from where you buy. Alike, the Multifocal lenses cost come on some of these features. The lenses are available in a different box sizes and each lens has a substitute schedule, or how long you should wear it prior to changing with a new one.