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Bifocal Lenses

Why Bifocal lenses are still in demand?

First Bifocal lenses were introduced in 1952 and it was a real revolt of that era. In current years, the fame of bifocals has significantly decreased because of continuous development in the feature of progressive lenses. Well, a large part of people are still living in the past and you can witness different types of bifocal lenses with a curved top in the market. Even you can experience less reflection effect on the curved surface than on horizontal rim of a segment. Currently, Bifocal lenses from Siddharth Optical give wearers with improved beauty advantages and better functionality.

Segment Widths of Bifocal lenses online

With two different segments - 25mm and 28mm, Bifocal lenses are found in different features. The word "CT" points toward the segment width in millimeters. The 25mm segment indicates standard forms to use, giving you enough visual effects for reading an object. The 28mm offers you wide space of view.

Segment Material to be used in the best bifocal lenses

Segment materials with dissimilar refractive index are chosen based on the Bifocal lenses in terms of making sure that every Bifocal lenses are slim and straight as likely.

Advantages of bifocal lenses for the wearer

Different segments to meet every person's requirements
Fewer reflections because of curved segment top
Excellent surface design makes sure quality optical and eye-catching lenses
Wide collection available in the market to choose from

Bifocal lenses, Bifocal reading glasses

Bifocal lens is mostly used to correct the eye-disorder that occur with the growing age and people start facing problem in focusing the close by objects and in reading.

1 - What are Bifocal lenses and why are they used?
A Bifocal lens is made with two separate parts of vision correction, which are separated by a unique line that falls flat crossways the lens. The top part of the lens is used for the distance vision and foot part is used for closer vision.

2 – How does the Bifocal lens perform?
Bifocal lenses act as willing to help eyes that is - nearsighted and farsighted. This indicates that a being have need of both prescriptions.

3 - Types of best Bifocal lenses?
A normal Bifocal lens has two separate prescriptions included into it. One is for farsighted and the other is for nearsighted that is also known as Bifocal reading glasses.

4 – How much does Bifocal lenses cost?
Depending on how old you are and your vision towards the object. As we age, our eyes start losing the ability to easily switch focus between objects which are far away and objects which are close up. Other factors that affect the cost include manufacturer refunds, discounts and how often you replace your lenses.