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Anti Reflective Glasses

What is an Anti-reflective glass?

Anti-reflective glasses are also known as Anti-glare glasses, which is much loved for its special feature to less the reflection of wet and shiny surfaces that can harm our eyes or can damage our vision. The glasses are mostly used during outdoor activities like swimming and save you from visual distractions. You get a clear look of the world.

Reflections of a shiny object always annoy us and have side effects for eyeglass frames wearers. They may create problem while taking a photo during your swimming or driving a car where you will truly want to catch the moment in your mobile or digital camera. With less reflection, your lenses look nearly unseen. So you will feel confident behind your eyeglasses. Whether you are out for an activity or in your office to work under an attractive glare of bright lighting, Anti-glare glasses are multi-performer that always work wonder for you. Even it can become a friend for your outdoor activities.

Reasons to get Anti-reflective glasses

A) Help in night driving look and reduces the headlight reflection. In night, light coming straight from the oncoming vehicle can disturb your eyesight and reduces your vision. In this case, Siddharth Optical's anti-glare eyeglasses help you to widen your eye vision up to 30%.

B) Reduces eye strain as develop during the time of work on the computer or other digital devices. Due to computerization in the world, we professionals spend maximum hours in front of the computer to operate important projects. Anti-reflective glasses help you to protect yourself from headaches, blur or strain that occurs while using digital devices.

Pamper your lenses always

Siddharth Opticals actually helps you in every possible way and makes your glasses perform better and better by taking out reflections from the frontage and back of your glasses. Its extensive knowledge in terms of optical, gives your glasses high confrontation to dirt, blurs, dust, scratches and others. Our highly effective index lenses reflect more light than ordinary plastic lenses. And this shows that clear vision for your eyes and enjoy a good view of your surroundings. We think, your eyes will say - thank you!