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This is the second time I have purchased from Siddharth Opticals & have truly been surprised by the quality of the product. To be true first time when i bought , it was an experiment thinking if anything goes wrong can easily return the product but didn't need to....Both times am really impressed and satisfied..
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Siddharth Opticals is India’s prime and trustworthy online shopping portal for eyewear. Along with a countrywide approach among metropolitan as well as rural cities, internet shopping has been made fast, simple and problem free. One can order from a big range of products include spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids for men, women and kids. In an attempt to bring the global design and quality to the Indian customers at a low cost price tag, our eyewear are fashioned in all famous styles, using the top material and modern technology. Siddharth Opticals is genuine internet shopping portal that provides big discounts and stunning deals every day. It gives platform for people to select favorite sunglasses, frames, or contact lenses from the big collection of designer eyewear by easily make use of our filters to search by shape, brand, price range, material or even color to jump straight to the right pair of glasses that are destined for you and get it delivered to your home in no time. To give a worth for money experience, we provide free shipping, warranty and money back guarantee across India. Ordering online glasses at Siddharth Opticals is as secure as safe as buying a pair from your domestic optician, yet a fraction of the price. Use the easy filters to search; we will deliver your order direct to your door, hassle free and quickly. Get passionate.


Sunglasses are defensive eyewear designed to stop bright sunlight and top-energy visible light form discomforting or damaging the eye. They don’t only protect eyes from the glare caused by the sun; shades give you a wow factor too. Select from an infinite collection of shades and play with as many colours, shapes, and styles as you want to Siddharth Opticals. The new style ranges from futuristic and wraparounds shields from various brands, specially metals, and gradients to dramatic plastic.


Our big range of frames is unrivalled and provides something to suit every taste. Here you will find a wide choice for every kind of spectacle frame, from unusual shapes to vibrant colours, from half-rum to rimless models with convenient and simple, and at a remarkable price and all from the comfort of your own house! Once you have found a frame that you love, you can access a full host of information about the glasses on the individual product page.

Contact Lenses

The Siddharth Opticals contact lens collection specs different kinds of contact lenses form the most vital and biggest international manufactures. Our range includes monthly, yearly and daily contact lenses. We provide a refreshed collection of soft contact and Toric bifocal lenses too. Apart from the regular wear transparent lenses, colored contact lenses are also available. It goes without saying that we just sell top quality, brand contact lenses online.